Nieuwe Scherpthenaar
mrt. 20, 2024

Dholon Akter | Intern

Meet Dholon!

Intern at HBO-ICT and Software Engineering at Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Who is Dholon?

"I am 28 years old and grew up in Bangladesh. I am a creative person, my hobbies are dancing, acting and Poetry. In my spare time I like dressing up in my culture dresses, with full make up and high heels. Often, I drive to smaller villages near Eindhoven to just walk around and see the farmer culture."

How did you find or how did you hear about Scherpthe?

"Via a former employee who is also a parttime student at Fontys. We were buddy’s and worked on several projects together. On his LinkedIn I found out about Scherpthe and informed about a possible internship."

Can you describe your internship assignment and what the outcome is?

"Building an automation test platform for customers for Kinetic ERP cloud. The end product and deliverable for Scherpthe is a test platform with full resource documents. In the future, this platform can help customers speed up their testing time during pilot upgrades and achieve more efficient and accurate test results. Our goal is to eliminate manual testing and implement an automated process.''

How does a day in the office at Scherpthe looks like?

''I will start the day with a cup of coffee and start making my schedule. Looking at the meetings that are planned I will prioritise and make my day planning. After this I start with some research, applied science, searching for tools and technology. After lunchtime I work at the practical things that came out of the research. At the end of the day I review my planning again.''

What do you like most in your internship?

''The supervision of my internship. My mentor is a particularly good listener and technical skilled which helps me a lot. The company and especially Jochem really understands the focus and the bigger picture of my project outcome and brings valuable insights.''

What do most people not know about you?

"That I am extrovert and when I am acting and dancing you will see another Dholon. I was a two times champion in dancing to both Bollywood and Bengali music."

What can I learn about you?

''That you are human, and nobody is perfect. Never give up! How hard of difficult things can be, and how many setbacks you will have always finish it no matter what.''